It was always about the music. At the risk of sounding just a tad too militant, saGuijo’s prime objective is to provide a proper venue for the music lover. In the spirit of the late, great Club Dredd, we aim to work as a location where unsigned bands and independent groups alike can perform alongside more established acts. Rather than being an out-and-out performance space where musicians are required to cover the latest Top 40 hits, saGuijo is a bastion for individual creativity. We like to think of our artists as true talents and live performances as a healthy alternative to the spirit-crushing programming that television bombards us with on a daily basis. Although firmly rooted in the traditions of a rock club, we encourage experimentation with the entire musical spectrum…be it in pop or folk, jazz or rap, funk, electronica and even soulful ballads...

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7612 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines

JB Music Philippine's Battle of the Bars 2015



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